Ready for when you arrive.

Pre order your Breakfast and BBQ Packs from our local award winning farm shop

Breakfast Pack £9.00

4 Dry cured bacon

4 Champion pork sausages

6 free range eggs

Tin of baked beans

4 White buns

Burger and Sausage Pack £5.50

2 4oz Beef burgers

2 Champion pork sausages

4 White buns

BBQ Pack £12.50

2 Garlic or BBQ chicken kebabs

2 4oz Beef burgers

2 Champion pork sausages

1 8oz Gammon steak

4 White buns

Luxury BBQ Pack £19.50

2 Garlic and BBQ chicken Kebab

2 Salt & pepper pork steaks

2 8oz Rump Steaks

4 White buns

Fire Starter Pack £10.00
Image by Chirag Nayak

Everything you need to get the fire started

Fire lighters and Matches


Large bag of wood​

Experience Pack £15.50
rainbow fire jpeg.jpg

Light the fire, make S'mores and finish with an amazing display of rainbow colours. 

Starter Pack

S'mores Pack 

Rainbow Fire​

S'mores Pack £2.50
leon-contreras-5mB9Hndmsfk-unsplash (1).

Toast the gooey Marshmallows and sandwich between 2 chocolate biscuits for the ultimate campers dessert. 


chocolate biscuits

Wooden skewers